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Photos courtesy of Christine Ruiz 2014

Photo courtesy of Christine Ruiz 2014


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Why Orenda? Pronounced (O●rend●ah), it is the power within all of us to change ourselves or the world around us. At Orenda Therapeutic Services PLLC we believe that each and every person possess that inner power and strength to achieve the self, relationships and lives they want. We believe it exists within, even if we are unaware of it or if we think we have lost it. We believe that as we become empowered to direct our inner power, we can heal ourselves, and begin to grow. That growth does not stop and will extend to our families and communities. Our therapeutic approach is structured to harness that power within us and to be the people and community we want to be.


To empower individuals and families.
To provide opportunities for healing.
To grow as individuals, as families, and as a community.

We offer quality and affordable individual, couple, family, and group therapy. 45 minute sessions are $100. Sliding scale rates are available. Please ask us about our 20% off package deal. Online sessions are available for your convenience. Comprehensive mental health and substance use assessments are available for $120.00. Bro-Bono services are offered on a limited basis.

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 Orenda Therapeutic Services PLLC

Connect with your inner Stength and Power... Your Orenda

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Felisa Huene

Marriage and Family Therapy Intern and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

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Empower ● Heal ● Grow

We offer client-centered psychotherapy services, substance abuse counseling and trauma informed care.  Services feature a mind-body-spirit approach emphasizing empowerment, congruence and healthy attachment.

Let's make this journey together...

"Everyone has two journeys to make through life. There
is the outer journey, with its variety of incidents and the milestones...There is also an inner journey, a spiritual Odyssey, with a secret history of its own." ~William R. Inge